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Julianne Marcoux Wall Art

Julianne Marcoux was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. She began to draw when she was three years old. Throughout her childhood Julianne time after time surprised peers and adults with her ability to design beautiful images. It became very obvious that he would become an artist in her adulthood. She won a scholarship to Arizona State University, and this is where she began to take steps towards her dream of becoming a professional artist. Julianne managed to create hundreds of posters, prints and art, which were consistently well received by both viewers and critics. Due to the quality of her work, she won several awards, grants, nominations and scholarships, reinforcing her decision to be an artist making posters, prints and art for a continually growing audience and clients. The artist is inspired by many different sources; styles and other artists constantly influence her work as it evolves.

She believes that painting posters, prints and art from life has provided her with invaluable experience. She says that drawing from life has been her greatest teacher and has proven to her that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whether it be a landscape, a flower, a figure, or an abstraction of any of these. Her job is to incorporate these found beauties with diversity and sophistication - “There are hidden treasures everywhere,” she says. Her art has been the subject of many articles, and they are represented in corporate and museum collections. Julianne knows how to manipulate texture, color and other elements to bring a perfect balance in his art.
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Floral Symposium IV
Fine-Art Print
15" x 15"
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Fine-Art Print
15" x 20"
Ships within 2-3 days
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