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Willem Blaeu Wall Art

Willem Blaeu (Born 1571) was among the leading cartographers of his time. He founded a cartographic publishing firm at the age of 28. His family has its origin on the island of Wieringen, where his grandfather was born around 1490. His family had a tradition of practicing the trade of herring packer. It is not known whether he was born at Uitgeest or Alkmaar. At an early age Blaeu went to Amsterdam to learn the herring trade. However, he didn’t like this work very much because he was more inclined to mathematics. The artist attained a high standard of technical skill and education, because he was considered to be qualified to become a pupil of Tycho Brahe, the great astronomer who was known for demanding a high standard of his pupils. He only took pupils on special recommendation but some were invited by him personally.

For two years Blaeu lived on the Island of Hven and at Brahe's observatory in Urienborg over the winter of 1595-1596. Blaeu returned from Hven in 1596 and settled in Alkmaar. Not much is known about his stay here, but probably in 1597 he married Maertgen or Marretie here. In 1598/9, Blaeu moved to Amsterdam from Alkmaar and set up a shop selling maps, seaman's instruments and globes. About 6 years later, he moved to Damrak, where most of the Amsterdam mapmakers and booksellers were established at that time. By 1608, Blaeu had already published a popular marine atlas and a fine world map. His early works include globes, maps of European countries and a world map.
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