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Bradley Hendershot Art Prints

Bradley Hendershot is a painter of rural Pennsylvania and coastal Maine-regions that he knows well, regions that have special meaning to him. Many of Brad's subjects can be found close to his home and studio in Upper Hanover Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. "My Pennsylvania paintings depict the rural community and a way of life that is quickly fading into the past. Many of the timber and stone barns and mills, the houses and outbuildings, which are part of the Pennsylvania heritage, are rapidly disappearing. I'd like to feel, in a way, that I have preserved them in my paintings." Brad has been drawing and painting most of his life, his early inspiration and guidance coming from his artist father (Ray Hendershot, also published by Bruce McGaw Graphics). Using a representational approach in his painting, most of Brad's work has been in the water-media. He paints with both dry brush and wet brush techniques.
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Evening at Knabb Farm
Fine-Art Print
34" x 24"
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49 Stouts Lane
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

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