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Giuseppe Cades Wall Art

Giuseppe Cades (1750 – 1799) was an Italian engraver, painter and sculptor. He was born in Rome and studied under Domenico Corvi and Mancini, gaining a prize in 1765 with his picture which showed Tobias recovering his Sight. In 1766 he visited Florence, and in 1768 he executed an altar-piece for San Benedetto in Turin. In 1771 executed another piece for the church of Santi Apostoli. Cades also decorated the Palazzo Chigi with scenes from Tasso, landscapes, and frescoes. He has left two etchings, The Death of Leonardo da Vinci and Christ blessing Little Children. In 1786 he joined the Accademia di San Luca of Rome. Cades was known for his originality and variety which was outstanding during the closing decades of the 18th century. He was remarkably gifted, and won prominent prizes for drawing before he was 16. Cades enrolled as a student in Domenico Corvi’s studio but was expelled for some unacceptable display of independence.

Cades's career followed an unconventional path for some years after he departed from the standard route to professional advancement. He capitalized on his astounding facility as a draughtsman and began producing drawings in the style of the old masters. He sold his pieces to the tourists who sought cultural souvenirs of the Eternal City at a time when the supply of actual old master drawings was fast dwindling. By the 1780s the artist had established himself in the world of Roman patronage. Cades’ fame spread very fast and was boosted again in 1784 when he produced 4 mythological pictures.
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Tullia about to Ride over the Body of Her Father in Her Chariot
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