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Emmanuel Cometa Wall Art

Born and raised in the Philippines in California, Emmanuel Cometa immigrated to Canada in 1994 where he met and married his wife Rose. He’s a self-taught artist who loved art from a tender age and has always been fascinated with all types of art, both impressionist and realist. Over the years, the artist has evolved as an artist and his technique has improved because he studies the works of other artists. He also attends art shows and meets new artists in many occasions. Cometa has tried a multitude of different media, but oil painting remains his medium of choice to work in. the artists currently lives with his two daughters and wife Rose. His pieces of art have been exhibited in different shows and are collected by both private and public collectors.

His art prints are also availed through galleries and art dealers worldwide. Because he had no formal art training, he’s been teaching himself through research, observation, and experimentation. The artist has developed a simplistic style that uses color sparingly to enable him derive the desired results. This has also enabled him to achieve the right time period. In his style and a technique, he incorporates light and shadows to show the effects of light on the subjects that he paints. This has also enables him to show depth in every piece of art that he creates. His artwork is highly priced by many discerning collectors. Although looking traditional, his pieces of art can be used in both modern and traditional settings with stunning results.
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Simplistic II
Fine-Art Print
12" x 12"
Ships within 3-5 days
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