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Frans Snyders Wall Art

Frans Snyders (1579 – 1657) was born in Antwerp, Belgium. He was a Baroque artist who, in the 17th-century, was the most-noted painter of animals. His subjects included hunting scenes, animals in combat, pantries and still lifes of markets. A highly skilled painter, Snyders was celebrated for his ability to capture the textures of fur and feathers and the play of light on them. He was part of a friendly and large group of artists who changed Antwerp to a vivacious centre for the arts from a city of finance and commerce. His parents had an inn which was very popular with artists. As a young man, this really influenced him o become and artist. He later studied art under the partronage of Pieter Bruegel the Younger. However, his painting style was more influenced by Jan, Bruegel’s younger brother. Snyders also studied under Hendrik van Balen. As a result of his training and talent, Snyders became a master in 1602 in the Guild of St.

Luke, the guild of Antwerp painters. Thereafter, he visited Italy and stayed for several months in Rome and then in Milan. Around 1610, he returned to Antwerp and began professional collaboration and a long friendship with Peter Paul Rubens. One year later, he married Margriet de Vos, who was the sister of Cornelis and Paul de Vos - two Flemish painters. In 1572, Snyders joined the Romanists and became the dean of that society in 1628. The society was a confraternity of art lovers, artists, and humanists who had traveled to Rome. Originally, the artist devoted himself to still life painting, depicting fruits, flowers.
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A Wild Boar at Bay
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