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Rosso Fiorentino Wall Art

Rosso Fiorentino (Born March 8, 1494) was an Italian Mannerist painter who belonged to the Florentine school. During the course of his work, Fiorentino met with many artists who became his great influencers. He painted in oil and fresco. He reigned together with great artists such as Pontormo in the studio of Andrea del Sarto. Besides being influenced by these artists, Fiorentino was also influenced by his childhood experiences; the environment in which he was brought up and the graphic forms and bold colors that could only be found in Italy. He loved art from childhood, and like other artist, he knew he would one day become a professional at it. Fiorentino moved to Rome where he got exposed to the works of Raphael, Michelangelo and other Renaissance artists. This made him to realign his artistic style. After the Sacking of 1527, he went to France where he secured a position at the court of Francis I in 1530. Fiorentino was among the leading artists who worked on “First School of Fontainebleau” at the Chateau Fontainebleau. He worked alongside Francesco Primaticcio, and that piece brought them to fame. Fiorentino visited many galleries and museums. He sold a number of his pieces to companies and individuals.

However, his reputation was long out of favor compared to other graceful naturalistic contemporaries, but it picked up over the last few decades and now his work is in great demand. And that fact that his masterpiece was in a small city was a factor in reviving his reputation, more so because he did it before the arrival of photography.
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Study of a Male Figure
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