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Jean Louis Prevost Wall Art

Jean Louis Prévost (Born 1760) was a still-life painter from France. In the course of pursuing his personal dream, his artistic talents were actually encouraged by the feedbacks he used to receive from those who viewed and admired his art. He’s best known for his representations of flower arrangements in both watercolor and oil. Though he was not interested in creating his art purely for scientific purposes, Prévost’s works were so demonstrative and precise that they have time and again been reproduced as color plates for books of botany, both during his lifetime and after. His illustrations are of various plant species. Born in Nointel, France, he was associated with the botanical painter Spaendonck Gérard and went on to exhibit with both the Academy of Saint-Luc and the Academie Royale.

Today, his art is in the permanent collection of many leading collectors including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He died in 1810 in circa France. He liked to use pastels because they are spontaneous and because they emphasize a combination of painting and drawing. On the other hand he likes oils for their abundantly rich color and ease of manipulation. He said that watercolors have life and minds all their own. Prévost showed a keen attentiveness in whatever he was doing and this is what he’s known for and is what earned him respect and admiration among those who purchased his art. He managed to attract a huge following of loyal fans and clients. In fact, today his client base now covers many countries.
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