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Charlene Winter Olson Wall Art

Charlene Winter Olson is an American artist who specializes in creating traditional style paintings, although she combines contemporary design into her creative pieces. She was born and raised in Georgia. Charlene studied art at Georgia University. She is currently based in Athens, Georgia, where she owns a gallery together with her husband, Norm Olson. Her work has been easier due to her supportive husband who has worked together with her in creating, marketing, and distributing her artwork. She uses all types of mediums, including watercolors, oil, acrylic, printmaking, collage, pen and ink. Charlene has used all the mediums for several years and is capable of creating unique and high quality art pieces regardless of the medium she chooses. She makes most of her paintings on canvas, although she uses other backgrounds that work best with her chosen medium and subject. She covers a wide array of subjects, including bathroom accessories, household items, streets, and several others inspired by nature.

Charlene uses a number of different styles in her works, although she often uses impressionist art to express her creative ideas. She's open to new techniques in her work, always ready to experiment with ideas to expand her versatility. Her paintings speak with people and are thus made in a way that anyone can easily understand. Charlene has been a painter for years and has produced art pieces that have sold in different galleries across the U.S. and other countries. This is besides her own gallery from where customers also buy her original works.
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Tulipa Group I
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