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Emile Vernon Wall Art

Emile Vernon (1872 – 1919) was born on France. She loved art from his childhood and became a student of Fine Arts in Tours, and there, in 1888, she received the first prize for drawing. Emile knew from her childhood that she would become a professional artist and she channeled her efforts towards achieving this goal. While in Paris, she followed the teachings of Truphème Auguste and William Bouguereau who became the greatest influencers of her artwork. In 1898, Emile participated in the exhibition of Decorative Arts Tours and Fine Arts at the Salon of French Artists. Since then her work became at once honored and respected. She exhibited regularly until 1913, especially with floral paintings, landscapes and portraits. Her art has been featured in numerous art venues and magazines. They are popular for their professionalism and quality.

Emile excels in watercolor paintings of children and women to color and sweet bucolic scenery but also knows how to be more rigorous through her portrait of “Mrs. Vernon, under the lamp.” Her work has been seen in several solo and group shows, and can be seen in some of the most respected galleries in France and beyond. SHe’s careful not to claim a particular style of painting or influence. Rather, it was her hope that her viewers would have an open mind and avoid pre-didn’t limit herself to this subject alone. At any moment she could be seen painting anything that inspired her. Her paintings were more academic than really original; Emile never knew any problem with the paintings, and the delicate charm, relatively unknown even today.
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Girl With A Poppy
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24" x 31"
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Toparis With Love
Fine-Art Print
24" x 35"
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