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Susy Pilgrim Waters Wall Art

Susy Pilgrim Waters is a painter, a designer, and an illustrator whose work is used extensively in commercial licensing, book and magazine publishing, and in print advertising. Her signature style combines wit, shapes, and color for evocative, vibrant results. Her artistic laboratory is centered on her many sketchbooks, which are her main source of inspiration. She applies a wide range of approaches and styles to her work, mostly using mixed media such as fabric, wood, printing and paint. A residence of Massachusetts, Susy’s first job as an illustrator was to paint and hand-letter twenty five dinner menus for a restaurant in the North End of Boston. She has done many similar jobs and is now a regular contributor to the Gourmet Magazine, Boston Globe, New York Times, Metropolitan Home, and Washington Post.

Susy attended an art school in London where she met her husband, Keith, and shortly afterwards, they moved to Texas. The native Britons now live in the Boston area. The couple has partnered to form PilgrimWaters where they create and manufacture a line of surface designs and beautiful products, from canvas to tabletop and wool accessories. Their experience informs the expert fabrication and handcrafted, modern aesthetics of PilgrimWaters goods crafted throughout the world. Functionality is key in their products – with graphic elements, natural materials and color coming together in products such as elegant trays, tea towels and scarves. Susy’s clients include the New York Public Library, Travel & Leisure, and Crate & Barrel. Her works have been showcased in art galleries in any states in America.

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