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Jan Gordon Wall Art

Jan Gordon (1882 - 1944) was born in England. His birth name was Godfrey Jervis Gordon. He was active and lived in United Kingdom, England, New York and California. He’s is known for writing, music, wartime camouflage art and painting. He was also a mining engineer and a collector of folk music. Gordon was educated at Marlborough College and after completing his studies here, he decided to become a mining engineer, and he joined the Truro School of Mines. Gordon also studied, though briefly, at the Kensington School of Art with Frank Brangwyn. Perfectly matched, Gordon and Cora Turner Gordon got married in 1909 and lived on Rue Jean Ferrandi (formerly Rue Bagneaux). They lived here for 31 years – but were on and off. They were both accomplished artists in a variety of media (fountain pen, tempera, even watercolor), and they became well connected with fellow members of the modern art movement.

Together with his wife, he toured various countries, asserting a spirit of non-conformity and freedom by riding their Sunbeam motorcycle (1930) with an attached luggage box green in color and labeled "The Wandering Wardrobe." In 1927, the couple arrived in New York City and began touring parts of the United States including California, which he wrote about when they returned to England. He left several pieces of art that still excite many collectors to date. His art is in many collections and galleries around the world. They adorn the walls of some of the most prestigious buildings in England and beyond.
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Paris Scene I
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10" x 13"
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