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Robert Wood Wall Art

Robert Wood (1889 - 1979) was born to W. L. Wood in Sandgate, England. His father was a Victorian painter and he displayed his at his facility at an early age. He studied painting in nearby Folkstone as a young man. After a brief stint in the Royal Army he, together with a close friend of his called Claude Waters, immigrated to America. Wood initially settled in Illinois where worked on a farm belonging to Water's uncle as a hired hand. But after awhile, he struck out on his own and lived a life of an itinerant painter. By 1912, he visited Los Angeles for the first time. And by the end of that year, he met, courted and married Eyssel Del Wagoner in Florida. They later moved to Ohio where their daughter, Florence, was born.

The family moved to Seattle where their son, John Robert Wood, was born. The family later moved to Kansas, California, Missouri, Portland, and to Oregon. His seemingly constant wandering disrupted his family life and delayed the development of his painting skills. However, these travels helped him develop an appreciation for the American landscape that would inspire his for the rest of his life. Finally Wood found a place where he felt he could be happy, he put down his roots in the state of Texas. He settled in San Antonio, which was the largest city in the state. It was in San Antonio that he began to pursue painting seriously. In a short time, he had established a reputation for his paintings of landscapes of Texas scenes such as the Red Oaks found in central Texas and the famous fields of Blue Lupin.

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