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Edna Hibel Wall Art

Edna Hibel (1917 – 2014) was a painter of schmaltzy pictures of children. She had a more than 60-year career as lithographer and painter and promoter of peace through exhibitions of her artwork. Edna was born in Boston, Massachusetts and she was raised in the Boston area. She began to paint when she was 9 years old and learned watercolor during summers at the shore in Hull and Maine, Massachusetts where her family vacationed. From 1935 to 1939, she studied at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. In 1966, while in Boston, Edna began lithography and continued in Zurich in 1970, where she used to work every year. From 2003, she began to work from her home and studio in Riviera Beach, Florida. Her art has been exhibited in galleries and museums in more than twenty countries including Brazil, Russia, Costa Rica, China, and the United States.

She continued to paint in watercolor and oil and also hand to enhance her original serigraphs, stone lithographs and giclee with oil paint, pastels, pencil, gold leaf, conte crayon, charcoal and ink. Edna managed to create lithographic works with up to thirty-two stones on silk, paper, wood, porcelain and veneer. Edna kept her technique a secret. She created various plaques with this technique including the "Arte Ovale" series. While in Florida, she organized the Edna Hibel Museum of Art, to promote and display her work, she also created "Mother Earth" a United Nations stamp. Edna was educated at Brookline High School where she met Theodore Plotkin, who later became her husband.

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