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Gregg Robinson Wall Art

Gregg Robinson says that the universe of visual art covers a huge continuum of motivation and means of expression. He cites examples such as the moral and intellectual confrontation and the most syrupy sentimentality at the extremes. For him, on the simplest level, the creative process is an aesthetic puzzle. He adds that elements of the puzzle include color, contrast, graphic pattern, visual texture, and a simple cryptic symbolism in some recent work. He’s never been particularly interested in pictorial or lyric content, and though some of his works do contain incontrovertible spatial illusion, even those tend to be a by-product and not a goal of his main pursuit. The harmony of organic neutrals and pure color, dark and light, subtle field and strong pattern, and calm and energy, is what he strives for.

He grew up in an environment of contemporary architecture, and so he has always valued the modern classic synthesis of function and form exemplified by the movement of Bauhaus of the early twentieth century. For this reason, the simplest solutions are to him often the most satisfying. Indisputably, the ideal of efficiency fronted by modernists in function and form requires that method of execution that’s well adapted to the artistic goal as the illustration language itself. He works over a plaster surface with dry pigment. His tools are sponges, broad knives, masking and rags. He then finishes in high gloss of alkyd resin. He’s currently represented by Arden Gallery (, Janine Contemporary (, Gallery 903 ( among others.

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49 Stouts Lane
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

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