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Christian Lassen Art Prints

Christian Riese Lassen is Hawaii's premier marine artist. Using acrylics, enamels and oils, Lassen's paintings depict a vibrant, idealized vision of the natural world. In his childhood, Lassen's family moved to the Hawaiian island of Maui where he was first captivated by the ocean. Since then it has always been a significant part of his life, inspiring him to become both a world-class surfer and a leading environmental artist of international popularity. Lassen aims to paint both to elucidate the mysterious splendor of the waters and to expose the risks to marine life that we inflict. His paintings and sculptures are displayed in galleries across the United States and Japan. In 1998, Lassen debuted a traveling exhibition: a collection of over 85 of the artists original works, on loan from owners around the world. Since then, the paintings have toured more than 26 cities in the US and Japan. Lassen broadcasts a weekly television show in Japan, where fans can learn more about his work. He is an extensively licensed artist, with more than 70 licensees worldwide who use his images for an eclectic array of merchandise. Lassen is involved with several other creative projects linked to his environmental concern. He has released a debut album 'The Turn of the Tide' which launches a musical approach to his marine life preservation theme. He has also starred in a feature-length film with a strong environmental message, entitled "I Am the Earth." Lassen is published in several pictorial books, including "The Art of Lassen" and has inspired a book for children called "Treasures of the Sea." He explains his artistic preoccupation: "I have seen the effects of pollution in our waters: the oil spills, the merciless slaughter of endangered species. But I have also seen incredible beauty: the dazzling rainbows of reef fish, the graceful curve of a dolphins tail, the reflection of light on the crests of the waves. The breaching of a whale still takes my breath away."

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