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Lawrence Mathis Art Prints

Native Georgian Lawrence Mathis paints to express his love of nature. "It is to me as if my little state is as large as the 'unexplored west,'" he says. "Intuition and instinct bear the lightest yoke," the artist says of working in the peaceful, unpopulated landscapes he renders. "I continue in the romance of the American landscape tradition." Mathis has been drawing and painting since childhood, and is self-taught in both art and architecture. He attended Berry College in Rome, Georgia, where he earned a degree in philosophy with a minor in art history. He spent ten years as an architectural designer in Chattanooga and Atlanta, leaving the field in 1992 to pursue fine art full time. Mathis' current work can be described as "mythic": abstracted landscapes, loosely rendered in oils and pastels, emphasizing color study. "I work to satisfy compositional needs," says Mathis, whose paintings often result from several sessions of applying glazes, building from the thick brush strokes of abstract under paintings. Mathis lives and works near Chickamauga, Georgia, twenty miles from his childhood home. Aside from painting and teaching classes in various media, Mathis enjoys designing a house on occasion, and has made a special study of ante-bellum architecture in Georgia.
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Road Down To The Lake
Fine-Art Print
26" x 34"
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