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Greg Brown Wall Art

Greg Brown (Born on October 23, 1951) was a native of Palo Alto, California. He was a painter who was best known in the San Francisco Bay area for his trompe l’oeil murals. He was the son of Art Brown, the KRON News Anchorman. Brown was moved to Palo Alto at an early age. And he began an apprenticeship with Italian painter Roberto Lupetti at the age of only 13 years. Lupetti taught him techniques of “trick of the eye” (tromp l’oeil) painting. In 1969, Brown graduated from Palo Alto High School, and he became Palo Alto’s first Artist in Residence at age 24; it was at this time that he began “Palo Alto Pedestrian”, the fanciful series of murals in the city’s downtown. Later, he would start Whitney Hopter Graphics, a business which primarily sold greeting cards and posters featuring “vacationing vegetables.” Brown’s many paintings, drawings, posters, and murals are located internationally.

The 11th California State Senate District named him the “Artist of the Year” in 2007. Artistically speaking, Brown had no limitations or boundaries. The indisputable fact about him is that he was an independent thinker, a master painter, and a man of humor. He was capable of representing anything the way he wanted and in any style he chose. His art is hard to define, just because he embraced contradictions. Many people say Brown himself was a contradiction and so his art could not be otherwise. Brown loved contradictions because they keep people up in the air just as he and his art did. Contradictions are also what keep his viewers completely involved with his work.

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