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Ivo Stoyanov Art Prints

Ivo Stoyanov was born in Kustendil, Bulgaria in 1963, and studied mural painting at the Nicolai Pavlovich Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. He paints subtle and rich canvases of ancient motifs and relics framed against a delicate patterned background of antique golds and russets. He says his spontaneous work is inspired by the relationship between the outer presence and the inner life of the painting. He describes his experience as an artist poetically: Spaces With a Single Voice, 2001 Every painting is an entrance into my self. It doesn't matter whether it has a bottom, or whether it seems to have one, a painting is always the opening to the unknown. space in which to fall or sink, a different texture of space, whose voice has a secret agreement with me. What's hidden behind spaces? Can it be the absence of space? Can it be perhaps another unknown space? Or can it simply be a beginning of things we don't know? Because every space hides something, dresses it up in an outfit for the eye– in a line that exists with no image, in a single voice inside the brush stroke. But if another space exists in the background, will an eye also exist to see it? or behind the spaces is there nothing. Stoyanov immigrated to Canada via Newfoundland in 1990 and has created murals in Nigata City, Japan; Hamilton, Bermuda; Chicago; New York City; as well as in Exhibition Place and other venues in Toronto. He has held workshops in Almunecar, Spain and Toronto. Stoyanov regularly exhibits paintings and his work can also be found in private collections in Canada, The United States, Japan, Spain and Bulgaria.

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