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Paul Hargittai Wall Art

Paul Hargittai (Born in 1923) was born in Budapest, Hungary. Hargittai spent his youth and childhood in Budapest. He was brought up in a loving family. At a young age he began to draw regularly - he could illustrate even his nursery tales. From around 14 years of age he studied lithography and practiced drawing from models. Hargittai was planning to be an ornithologist in order to draw birds. Today he’s an internationally acknowledged painter and textile designer currently living in Paris. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts where he studied Graphic Art and Textile Design. Hargittai is also a designer of jewelry. In 1948 the artist began working in Rome, where he organized an exhibition in the Artistic Circle International (Circolo Artistico Internationale). From 1948 to 1951 he won several awards and his work was on display permanently in Rome. Hargittai was anxious to discover the New York City’s art world.

In 1951, he moved and became involved in various fields, including illustrating for books of poetry by T.S. Elliot. Finally, in 1955 he opened the first independent textile design studio in New York, settling on the lucrative trade of textile design. Hargittai was also teaching design at Columbia University. He liked New York very much, but decided to move to Paris in 1993. He lives happily with his wife of many years. His studio is found in the heart of Paris where he produces beautiful creations and gains much inspiration. Hargittai speaks Italian, French, English and Hungarian, as well as the international language of fine arts.

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