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Michael Godard Art Prints

Oh My God...ard! are usually the first words out of people's mouths when they view Michael's works. From the mind of an artist who does not drink, comes his vision of fun that fits most people's lifestyles. "My daughter was in a coma for two months from a very rare type of pneumonia. I was at her bedside every day until she woke up. During the months of rehabilitation that it took for her to learn how to walk and talk again, I needed something to pick up my spirits. This is how I created my "Don't Drink and Draw" series." "I am not a drinker, (some people call me a cheap date) as after one drink I'm under the table looking at the gum stuck there! But I love the fun of drinking, and all of the little things that go in and around drinks. Martini's are a special favorite of mine to paints, as there are thousands of different ways that people take a drink that is basically pure alcohol!"
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He Devil She Devil Red Wine
Fine-Art Print
12" x 12"
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49 Stouts Lane
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

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