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Louisa Lee Art Prints

Louisa Lee was born in Canton, China, and immigrated to the United States with her family in 1985. The Lee family originally settled in Tucson but after one year, the family moved to New York City where she has lived ever since. As a young student in China, Ms. Lee studied under Gan Chaung, an art professor in her school. Under this mentor's encouragement, she learned the basics - drawing, watercolor, painting and sculpture and held several group shows. In Arizona, she continued to paint and participated in group shows at the Tucson Museum of Art. Ms. Lee won numerous commendations for her outstanding showings there. New York has been a continual source of artistic inspiration for Ms. Lee. Upon her arrival, Ms. Lee enrolled at the Educational Alliance and Cooper Union to continue her studies. In 1988, she won a much-coveted scholarship to the prestigious Pratt Institute and went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with honors. At Pratt Ms. Lee was involved with many group shows and also held several one-person shows. Ms. Lee also received the Haney Medal from the Art School League of New York City. Ms. Lee enjoys the fast-paced life that New York offers and the fact that the best of the art world is represented here. The museums and galleries provide infinite ideas and inspiration for her work. Though Ms. Lee cites the Impressionists as being the most directly influential on her work, Lee has evolved to this point only after exploring different genres. Ms. Lee describes her growth through realism into symbolism while she was an art student and then being seduced by the brilliancy of colors used by the Impressionists, the placement and play of light and shadows, and the atmospheric quality present in many Impressionists' work. Her work truly seeks and, indeed, finds that delicate balance between self-possessed beauty and intriguing work-in-progress. It's as if her pieces withhold that crucial plot twist that turns night into day leaving viewers no recourse but to let their imagination take hold to complete the story. It's a delight to be motivated to make that one step beyond and a testament to the power of this very special artist's work.

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