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Thomas Barbey Wall Art

Thomas Barbèy is a photographer and photocollage artist who grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, he resides in Las Vegas and travels the world, taking his camera wherever he goes. He started drawing seriously at the age of thirteen. His influences were H.R. Giger, Philippe Druillet, and Roger Dean. After living in Geneva for 17 years and designing posters for musical bands, Barbèy moved to Italy, where he lived in Milan for 15 years making a living as a successful fashion photographer, recording artist, and lyricist. Today, Barbèy has been a photographer more than twenty years. He prefers to use his RB67 when he shoots in medium format or his old Canon AE1s when he shoots in 35mm.

More recently, without working for a specific client, he has been doing Black-and-White Photomontages for the sole purpose of doing Fine Art. Barbèy has taken images covering a period of over twenty years and combined them to create surreal situations with the help of the enlarger in a dark room. He only works with Black-and-White, including Sepia toning at times. His work is very characteristic and has a specific style. All his images pass through what he calls the “So what?” test. In this test, if a combination of two or more negatives put together doesn't have any particular meaning or touch him, he starts over. He is a photographer with unlimited imagination and consummate skill. He is included in many private and corporate collections and exhibits in galleries throughout the world.

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