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Alice in Wonderland Art

Created by Lewis Carroll, the world of Alice in Wonderland is an iconic example of boundless imagination for both kids and adults. Although it was initially a novel, the plot and characters have found their ways onto big screens in forms of films and cartoons, visual arts, and other areas of art. And, as you know now, have created incredible and unforgettable interpretations.

The original Alice and Wonderland novel was first published almost 150 years ago, in 1865. It was acclaimed by critics and audiences and praised to become one of the most published pieces throughout this period. Author’s imagination has lettered the world that was later depicted by artists, cartoonists, and film directors. All of these are incredible works that are giving us a sneak peek of the world little Alice was wondering in the novel.
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Alice in Wonderland Artwork

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Alice in Wonderland
Fine-Art Print
12" x 18"
Ships within 2-4 days
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It is really hard to say, what the best use for Alice in Wonderland art prints is. Whether you want to place it in a children’s room, living room, or any other party of your house is for you to decide. Perhaps, the more colorful ones from the Disney animated film would suit a nursery better. On the other hand, a sort of a retro Alice in Wonderland art print would look better in the living room. Prints from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland feature film can be great in either room, depending on children’s age. Whichever Alice in Wonderland art print you choose and wherever you place it, your house’s interior will definitely benefit from it.
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