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Marlene Dietrich Posters

The actress artwork in this category showcases some of Marlene’s most popular and influential motion picture appearances. Old fashioned charm and glamour are the highlights of these film art pieces.

Marlene Dietrich was an extremely popular actress and singer from the 1930’s well into the 1950’s, and her work influenced many future generations of aspiring actresses worldwide. She grew to early fame by acting in silent films and on stage in the early 1930’s, and then transitioned into traditional motion pictures when they became a common form of entertainment.
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Marlene Dietrich Art

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L'angelo Azzurro
Fine-Art Print
24" x 32"
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These works of actress art display the old fashioned allure of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, and are painted in the artistic style typical of advertisements from that era. Fantastic displays of color and an emphasis on fashion and drama convey the mood of the film and the times, and promise an entertaining show for those who purchase tickets. Much like modern film posters, these pieces usually include depictions of the leading cast members, and also make use of catchy phrases such as “One of the World’s Great Films, One of the Years Great Events” seen on the movie art print for “The Blue Angel”.

Actress posters of this type are immensely popular with people who enjoy the excitement and personality of the early and middle 1900’s, and are also purchased by those who are fans of the actress herself. People who decorate with a fashion-centered theme commonly make use of framed actress art from this category as well.
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